First Responder Family Resilience

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If Resilience is rising to the challenge when our feet are held to the fire, we have so many opportunities to be resilient right now as First Responder Families, who are in the flames right now. 

"When this pandemic began, there was an amazing outpouring of support and love for our teams, and our social media was filled up with encouragement and praise and it gave us all the strength to keep going. Where there once was that inspiration and optimism, we are now finding ourselves dealing with mistrust, malice and anger. And it feels like we're fighting a battle on two fronts" Kit Bredimus , Chief Nursing Officer.

We are in a battle as First Responder Families right now and you were made for this. It is more stressful and you are a warrior. This is hard and we can walk through it together. We can come out the other side of this stronger. 

First Responder Family Resiliency ABC's for moving through such a time as this:

A- Accept this is your new reality. Radical acceptance means accepting things as they are rather than how they were or how we wish them to be.

B- Boundaries ensure our relationships are safe, respectful and caring. We can not control how others will act but we can take responsibility for ourselves and teach others how to treat us. 

C- Communicate honestly what you observe and use facts to describe the other person's behaviour and the impact on you.

D- Don't personalize their behaviours or statements. Other people's reactions are about them, not about us. 

E- Exercise to shake off stress chemicals, increase mood and improve sleep.

F- Forgive often, extending grace with ourselves and others. 

G- Gratitude. A daily practice naming five things we are grateful for increases happiness, our immune system, sleep, mental strength and relationships.

H- Hold onto hope, turn worry thoughts into hope thoughts.  Believe your situation can be better than you ever imagined with support.

I- Inform yourself about the symptoms of operational stress injury and the opportunities for healing available to you and your family. 

J- Journal to release your thoughts and look back to celebrate resilience wins.

K- Keep going one foot in front of the other, small steps lead to big changes. 

L- Love, even when they "don't deserve it".

M- Meditation and Mindfulness practices heighten wellbeing, happiness and self control.

N- Network. Lean into your existing support systems and grow new ones. It takes a system to hold you as you on this journey. Consider our Resilience Academy as one of those supports available to you.

O-One day at a time, focus on the moment you are in right now, that's the only one that matters. 

P- Play releases endorphins to make us feel good, stimulates creativity, reduces stress and improves brain functionality. 

Q- Quit Criticizing, Complaining, Blaming, Shaming or saying "you never", "you should". Communicate your needs empathetically, using I language.

R- Resilience mindset to rise to face adversity head on. How do I want to move through this that will make me proud of myself?

S- Schedule Self Care to remind you and others that your self care is important to remain healthy and positive.

T- Therapy individually, as a couple or family can help you move through this time.

U-Unity is the glue of a marriage. Work as team, have each other's back, respect, value and support each other. Make decisions together, seeking win-wins in conflict.

V- Vows remembering for better or for worse, in sickness and in health is our commitment and responsibility to each move towards each other to make things better in our relationship and family. 

W- Words of appreciation and acknowledgement to others and yourself increase connection and self compassion. 

X- X-press yourself with speaking, writing, art, music, dancing or another form.

Y- Yoga calms our minds, emotions and establishes safety in your body.

Z- Zero in on what's important, set your mind on this, prioritize, live to your values.

You are incredibly resilient. You got this. In the face of this challenge, you can take care of yourself and your First Responder Family.

Sending love,



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