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May this year be your best one yet! May you create connections. May you boldly show up. May you live from a place of wholeheartedness.  May you create time and space to prioritize the things you have been wanting to learn, start, create. May you know each day is a new start and it starts with the mindset we choose to see the day through. May you choose a growth mindset most days. May you be brave to do the things that scare you and braver still to do the things you won't do well. May you rest, play and nurture you. May you forgive yourself, often. May you learn, love and grow in the direction of the person and life you dream to create.  

The New Year is a great time for reflection and setting intention. I have a few practices I do to start a new year. One of them is picking a word of the year. I have been picking a word of the year since first introduced to the idea over a decade and a half ago by Ann Voskamp.

This year, I would like to invite you to choose a word. It can be an individual or family activity. 

  • Consider what your life is like right now. A struggle you are having, an obstacle you want to overcome or a dream you want to fulfill.
  • Think of the person you want to be this year.
  • How do you want to show up this year?
  • How do you want to live?

Pick a word that will help to remind you about this intention for how you want to show up living your life.

If this is hard for you, consider someone you know or have seen who has overcome a similar situation you are in.

  • How do they show up?
  • What characteristics do they possess to help them in the similar situation?
  • Are there any traits they possess: perseverance, patient, confidence, bravery, grateful, open minded, self-control etc.. you admire and think could be a helpful characteristic for you this year?

Try not to overthink it but feel your word. Your word will be felt with a deep inner knowing and it is a word you will keep coming back to.

My dear friend Rebecca Peters writes on her blog, www.toflyfree.com, to write your word on something permanent and place it somewhere you can see it daily. She suggests telling three people your word for accountability.

With this in mind, I am telling you my word, for accountability. I will write it on a rock and place one on my nightstand and one on my desk.

 For my word this year, I have been going back and forth between courage and confidence.

This year I am stepping into new terrain. I seek to make choices from a place of confidence and courage, instead of from a place of fear or scarcity.

I know from one of my faves, Brene Brown, shame creates the scarcity mindset, keeping us playing small in an effort to protect ourselves. I also know from Brene, while shame multiples quickly and creates havoc, it dies when exposed to the light. 

This year my intention is to show up confidently and bravely. To kick shame to the curb, shining light on my shame tapes: "imposter syndrome", "not enough" or "who do you think you are". This year I seek to be brave, vulnerable and authentic as I go where it can feel scary and where I am tempted to shrink small. 

This quote got me "With hope you gain courage. With courage you gain confidence, and with confidence there are no limits to what you can do” unknown author.

So this year my word is from a place of hope in my heart to make a difference in my home, community, relationships and with first responder families. My word is grounded confidence that stems from acting with courage and vulnerability.

Brene Brown writes, “Practicing courage and vulnerability requires grounded confidence”. 

I seek to be grounded in confidence and courageously vulnerable as I step into the life I am fixin' to create this NEW YEAR!

If you find a word or quote please consider sharing with us on social media, for accountability, in a comment below!

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Happy New Year!



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