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Are you noticing there is less calm in your home? Are your kids worried and having trouble sleeping? Or are you looking to get ahead of the stress and teach your kids tools to cope with the unique challenges that come with being a first responder family? Get started by downloading our First Responder Family Coping Tool Box Checklists. This Tool Box is a favourite in our First Responder Family and those I work with! 

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Hi, I'm Kim.

Trauma & Attachment Therapist  |  First Responder Wife  |  Mom of Three


Welcome, I am so glad you found your way here. Whether you are a first responder family or organization serving as police, fire, corrections, dispatch, nurse, doctor, emergency services, search and rescue, paramedic, social work, mental health professional, victim services work ... you belong. 

Your work is a family calling. I know all too well the unique challenges first responder families have; I have been the wife of a police detective and a mental health professional for over 20 years. In our family we experienced operational and secondary stress injuries.

I believe our biggest resource to thrive in this lifestyle is our relationships within our family and with other people. My hope is you might find a community of first responder families to support you in Resilience Academy, or resources to strengthen your relationships. 

It is my joy to work alongside First Responder Organizations and Families through consulting, coaching and education to support you to thrive, not just survive.


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