First Responder Family Coping Tool Box 

The “Must Have” Checklists To Teach Your

First Responder Children

How To Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Worries.

Remember we teach our kids when we show them and do it with them.

Practice these simple strategies together in a couple minutes a day.

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Checklists To Create Your First Responder Family Tool Box For All Ages

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  • How you can create a Coping Tool Box
  • What you can put in your Coping Tool Box
  • Checklist of Items to add to your Coping Tool Box based on your unique child's interests.

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Founder, First Responder Family Wellness Center, LEOW, Mom of Three Teens & a Tween and a Family Trauma Counsellor.

We use this coping tool box in our family and my clients love it too! I hope it might serve your First Responder Family too!


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